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The newsletter grew massively! There are now over 950 subscriber!

I have put together a video to briefly explain what the newsletter is, what it looks like and what others thing about it!

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  • Ilona's Legal Diaries

Ilona's Career Knocks is a brand new initiative based on a newsletter which contains various events which aspiring lawyers might be interested in to increase their chances of a legal career, further their interest in law or engage with law firms.

The newsletter will also contain deadlines for opportunities such as Vacation Schemes and Training Contracts.

In other words, various opportunities will dive right into your inbox saving you hours of researching for those opportunities and, they will all be in one place- the pretty newsletter which you will get weekly or fortnightly depending on the number of opportunities available.

Unfortunately when it comes to a career in law, the degree is not enough. So do not waste time, make the most of the Career Knocks that are knocking into your inbox!

The newsletter is FREE and is available to ALL that subscribe to it. You can subscribe by filling in your name and email in the subscription box in the header! This simple!

Why this new logo?

This logo was especially made for the Ilona's Career Knocks. The reason why there is a golden door, with light coming out and me standing by them is that I am helping your door to a dream career open in front of you! All you have to do now is make the most of the Career Knocks that I bring to you!

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